The Boreray sheep

imageThe Boreray sheep originated in St. Kilda, situated in the west coast of Scotland.

This breed of sheep is also referred to as the Borarey Blackface or Hebridean Blackface, it is part of the Northern European short-tailed sheep group of breeds. The Boreray is classified as being the rarest breed of sheep in the Uk. There are fewer than 300-500 known to excist.


The Boreray fleece is naturally white or tan (most of the time), though you might occasionally find darker individuals. The fleece is rough and is mainly used in the creation of tweeds or carpet yarns.
The staple length is between 5-10 cm and the fibre type is fine. There is no natural lustre and the wool can be blended well with primarily the Soay sheep fleece.




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