The black welsh mountain sheep

Welcome to my series of informative logs on the wide range of animals that produces the beautiful wools that we work with. I hope to give you a look into the sheep’s, goat’s, camels and yaks that naturally produces the much sought after fleece that we use into our knitting (crochet, weaving etc.)


Today I want to look at the black welsh mountain. This breed of sheep is much loved for their fleece.
The black welsh mountain is a native breed of the UK and produces staple’s ( wikipedia definition: A wool staple is a naturally formed cluster or lock of wool fibres and not a single fibre. Very many staples together form a fleece.) that are between 6 to 10 cm.

bwm IMG_4726.JPG

It is soft to the touch and because of it dark colour it can easily be used naturally without dying it. The natural colours of the wool varies from dark brown to black, which the farmers carefully breed to produce the purest colours possible.

The fibre has no lustre and is soft to the touch. You can find this sheep yarns made in Chuncky, Aran and DK sizes.



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