Atelier Conquet is a multi discipline design studio offering workshops in Machine knitting, Fashion Technical drawings, punch card design and colour workshops for individuals interested in fashion knitwear.

Established in 2015, Atelier Conquet’s founder, Judella Conquet, developed workshops where she can demonstrate the versatility of knitwear. These workshops consist of the technical aspects of machine knitting and the supporting part of design, namely digital illustrations. The workshop sessions are designed for you to gain a wide range of knowledge related to the knitwear industry, next to the above mentioned you will also be working on a portfolio of yarns.

Judella is a Fashion design and Business Honours graduate at the London Metropolitan University. For the past few years she has been working with the finest British and European produced yarns. Using these wonderful yarns, she create unique pieces inspired by the world cultures.

Judella runs and designs for her own name sake fashion label and includes multiple method’s into her design including knitwear.

Judella: “I am passionate about supporting the local farms and the unique quality of their yarns. With regular personal workshops I hope to pass this passion on.”